A festival ticket costs €9,50 per person. There is a reduced rate of €4,90. Children up to 12 years have free entrance. The QR code on the ticket allows you a one-time access to all participating institutions during the nine days of the festival. While visiting an institution, consider which hotspots you would also like to explore there.


 During the festival period, a number of institutions will host grand events for which a separate admission ticket must be purchased. Would you like to attend? Then buy a separate ticket. By following the link of that specific part of the programme, you will be taken directly to the booking system of the organising institution or event.


If you want to visit the festival with a guide, individually or as a group — as a school, company, friends or family — you can book a guided tour on: or


Nearly every participating institution offers facilities for people with disabilities. However, some parts of the festival programme may be less easier to access and therefore less suited to you. In doubt? Please contact the institution you would like to visit for more information.


The Mont des Arts connects the lower with the upper city. The Mont des Arts is easily accessible by public transportation. The higher area around Place Royale and Parc de Bruxelles is easily accessible by bus, tram, subway or train.


asbl Mont des Arts
10 rue de Namur
1000 Bruxelles


initiative and project management: asbl Mont des Arts
concept development, design and realization: DWARS ontwerp, Amsterdam
communication and ticketing:
production panorama viewers: Repro van de Kamp, The Hague
production billboards: Mobile Billboards
production website: Netplanet, Amsterdam