Discover the Mont des Arts through surprising routes

For nine days you can explore the Mont des Arts through seven surprising routes. From April 23. to May 1. 2022, a wide range of participating institutions will open their doors with a unique Panorama Programme. Hidden roof terraces and passageways are opened to the public, indoor and outdoor hotspots are marked with the Panorama Viewers and unique performances are held. Purchase a festival ticket and discover the Mont des Arts!

Panorama Mont des Arts is the first festival organised by the Mont des Arts association since the Picture Festival. It is the kick-off of a series of biennials until 2030. The theme of this year’s edition is Panorama. After all, the most photographed panorama of Brussels is located in the heart of the district. But there is a lot more for you to discover by yourself!



The festival programme is organised around seven routes. Each route is a stroll through the quarter along hotspots in outdoor areas as well as inside the participating institutions. Using the routes as a guideline, you can start exploring on your own for nine days.